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Very sooner after starting the plant, the unit has automated their plant with modern DCS system with scanners for controlling GSM and moisture automatically.

In 2005-06, the company started with the daily production of 30 tons. Then in 2007, the unit has undertaken the expansion program by increasing boiler capacity with addition of new boilers. And also in 2008, it went for a loan for acquisition of
Paper Making Press Former and the production is modernized through latest steam and condensate for our drier systems. With this technology and demand from our customers, automatically the production capacity increased to 70 Tons in 2007-08. Now the installed capacity is about 150 Tons per day. We are working about 80%-85% capacity. Through this latest modern technique and application of high grade Raw Materials and Coating Chemicals, the quality achieved reached to the maximal.

The unit is putting its entire effort to reduce the wastage and increase quality in each and every stage. In this current year, to satisfy the purpose, cutting machines with highly developed technology was imported from china. In furtherance of the above, the expansion with relating to the workplace is also carried out. Various accessories and spares like blade coater, sectional drives with motor, pope reels, spare moulds was also brought to carry out efficient operations.

In 2009, the unit went for power generation through windmill. The concern had installed a windmill with a capacity of 1.5 MW. The generation is used for offsetting the power used. The problem is mainly with the electricity availability

Our project management capabilities extend to setting up energy-environment projects such as Co-gen project.

The restriction imposed by EB on the electricity consumption has an adverse effect on the productivity of the unit. In order to secure out of this constraint, the unit has planned for own generation of power using steam. This is the initiative for the startup of the Co-gen project. In this, the unit will achieve

  • Self Reliability
  • Cheaper Cost
  • Saving in Power Charges